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Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down to the End of the Year

Emily peters , Staff Editor May 26, 2022

                  Thumbs up to getting more sleep with the arrival of summer break.  Thumbs down to not seeing your friends everyday while at school.   Thumbs up to having more free...

Should Spring and Fall Sports Flip?

Emily Lybarger, Reporter March 14, 2022

It's agreeable to say that the majority of spring sports are weather-dependent for playing time on fields and courts. With spring practices beginning in February, it can be almost impossible to obtain...

Opinion: Music Benefits Health

Opinion: Music Benefits Health

Roslyn Skinner, Staff Reporter March 11, 2022

     With the amount of stress going on in today’s world, it can be difficult to find a peaceful way to make things easier. A good outlet for stress, anxiety, or other problems is music. According...

Small movie theater

Movies Set For 2022

Makenna West, Newspaper Staff March 1, 2022

For most people, watching a movie is a great form of entertainment. Who doesn't enjoy a good movie--whether it's from the safety of your own home, or going to the theater for the full experience. This...

Opinion: Life Skills Class Needed

Elisabeth Wilfong February 9, 2022

Students today go through school learning specific content skills, but why can't they learn about things which will directly impact their future? When students graduate, life hits them like a brick...

OPINION: These Country Roads Cant Take Me to School

OPINION: These Country Roads Can’t Take Me to School

Makayla Ferguson, Editor February 8, 2022

With the snowy and icy winter months upon us, hazardous and dangerous road conditions are part of the weekly routine. Icy, snow covered roads cause danger to many parents, bus drivers and young student...

Opinion: Overusing Technology Can Cause Teens Problems

Opinion: Overusing Technology Can Cause Teens Problems

Kennedy Willison and Roslyn Skinner February 1, 2022

      With the new generation, electronics are becoming more important than ever. They are needed for everything, from a way to spend your free time to getting schoolwork done. With all this, it is...

Dealing with Split Households

January 5, 2022

    Divorce can be a difficult time for children and teens to go through. One in two children in America live in a house of divorce.      With divorce comes split households, and this...

Thumbs Up and Down

Thumbs Up and Down

Brooklyn Golden, Staff Reporter January 4, 2022

Thumbs up to having everyone back and under the same building after our Christmas break. Although some are quarantined, it’s good to see familiar faces back at LCHS.  Thumbs up to eating...

Vending Machine Removed Nov. 17

Elisabeth Wilfong January 4, 2022

One of most students' favorite part of the hallway has left he building. The downstairs snack machine was removed Nov. 17, 2021. This administrative decision made it official to pack it up for good. "...

Opinion: After-School Activities Help Student Success

Opinion: After-School Activities Help Student Success

Roslyn Skinner and Kennedy Willison December 21, 2021

 Lots of students nowadays are very busy, but after-school activities can be beneficial. They can help support one’s self-image, academic development and other key factors.       ...

Q:A: Whats Your Favorite Holiday

Q:A: What’s Your Favorite Holiday

Brooklyn Golden and Emily Peters November 30, 2021

Freshmen: Ashland King - Christmas Destiny Mayo - Halloween Tyler Howell - Christmas Garret Freeman - Christmas Sophomores: Courtney Hartley - Christmas Austin...

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