Carnell Baxter, Staff Reporter

What better way to ring in the New Year than with yet another journalistic take on streaming?

With how well received “December” was, it’s only right that what follows is…




A jam-packed assortment of music entirely unique to LCHS.
With the diverse musical stylings of artists we all know and love, like Taylor Swift, The Beatles, and TXT, you’re guaranteed to find something you’d love!
Please enjoy!


Thanks be to…
● Jaccob Avington ● Dylan Daniels ● Emilie Lough ● Vance Miller ● Jayna Jerden ● Ian Mccourt ● Mallory Avington ● Todra Hall ● Katrina Bragg ● Aylah Johnson ● Roslyn Skinner ● Abby Pullen ● Sage Moore ●
● Salem Herron ● Haylee Lewis ● Seven Fisher ● Brionna Varner ● Asa Krinov ● Sage Marple ● Charlie Ressler ● Madi Miller ● Brooklyn Golden ●