2023 Senior Q&A

Brooke Williams

What is your favorite school event and why? 

“My favorite high school event is pep rallies. I love how we all celebrate sports and homecoming together.” – Lauren Carpenter 

“My favorite event definitely has to be the homecoming thuse. It allows the whole class to come together and just have fun. There is so much energy, and it’s just perfect.” – Jayna Jerden 

“Homecoming because of the activities all week.” – Lillie Cayton 

“The first football game and the student section.” – Leon Racines 

“Graduation because I don’t have to come and get up five days a week at six o’clock.” – Briar Taylor 

What are your plans after high school? 

“I plan to attend WVU Parkersburg and pursue a career in welding.” – Maggie Wyatt 

“I plan to attend West Liberty University in the fall with my boyfriend, Asa, as a history major. Hopefully, I will also bring my cat, Polly.” – Mallory Avington 

“I plan to attend West Liberty University to pursue human biology. After graduating undergraduate school, I plan to go to graduate school at West Liberty to become a physician assistant. I plan to specialize in pediatric medicine.” – Makayla Ferguson 

“I plan to continue my education in cosmetology to get my license.” – Brayleigh Arnold 

“I plan to work for state road as a mechanic.” – Hayden Fultineer 

“I plan to attend WVU for nursing.” – Marissa Gay 

“I plan to attend Waynesburg University and further my education to become a nurse anesthesiologist.” – Hailey Titus 

“I’m going to WVU for biomedical engineering.” – Kirstin Roane 

“Go to Pierpont and get a job.” – Frankie Butcher 

“Moving to Florida and going to school down there for motorcycle mechanics.” – Matthew Rohrbough 

“After high school I will go to college for criminal justice, and when I get out of college, I will go into the FBI.” – Carson Cox 

“My plan after high school is to go to WVU to be a pharmacist.” – Zach Stalnaker 

“College.” – Alexis Murphy 

“Not go to college.” – Levi Murphy 

“Military.” – Jacob Mayo 

“I’m going to college for music education.” – Zoe Williams 

“Cosmetology.” – Taylor Chenoweth 

“Go to college in Belgium.” – Aymeric Grymonpre 

“Go back to Italy and finish high school there and go to medical university.” – Beatrice Colombo 

“Military and college.” – Bianca Jamen 

“After I graduate, I’m (going to) start working at Hope Gas until next fall then once school starts back up, I’ll be joining trade school for HVAC or interior designing.” – Ethan Adams 

“My plan after high school is to go to school to be a teacher.” – Shelby Sprouse 

“My plans after high school are to stay at Garrett Company for a while then go into the construction trade and further my knowledge in the industry I’m certified in, then retire as a DOT officer.” – Matthew Gibson 

“My plan after high school is to go to college at WVU for accountant and receive a CPA.” – Owen Hunt 

“I am attending WVU, and I’m majoring in elementary education to go be a teacher.” – Cheyenne Wine 

“I’m going to North Carolina for four and a half months for flight school.” – Tucker Starkey 

“To study teaching at WVU.” – Mars Pullen 

What has been the highlight of your high school career? 

“Winning the spirit stick three times in a row.” – Katrina Bragg 

“I’d say my entire senior year has been the highlight of these past four years. I’ve become involved in many of the things I have wished to be a part of for a long while, and it’s been so fulfilling.” – Cailin Hamilton 

“The Marshall State Theatre Competition. I met so many cool people and had a great time with everyone I went with. It opened my eyes to everything I could want to learn about being an actor.” – Asa Krinov 

“My highlight for my high school career would have to be winning Homecoming Queen for the 2022-23 school year.” – Sidney Slaughter 

“Winning the 2022 regional championship with my cheer team.” – Karrington Richards 

“Being able to compete in running through my high school career and being able to compete at states for cross country and track and getting records for the school.” – Slate Swiger 

“Winning states in singles and placing runner up in doubles my senior year.” – Emily Lybarger 

“Senior year.” – Adam Woofter 

What will you miss most about high school? 

“I will miss the friendships I made and the relationships I had with teachers. Most of all, I’ll miss flying Junior, the Channel 3 drone.” – Grant Mealey 

“I will miss participating in high school theatre. I have been a member of theatre since freshman year, and I am extremely passionate about it. Although I plan to continue with theatre in college, I will miss the friends I have made here and working with Mr. Seckman. I have had so much fun through this program over the years.” – Brooke Williams 

“Ms. Carr’s class, the way she makes everyone laugh, and we just have a fun time. Just don’t get on her bad side.” – Victoria Shanholtz 

“I’ll miss seeing my friends all the time and some of the teachers like Mrs. Johnston.” – Levi Wilcox 

“Cheerleading.” – Kenady Southall 

“Mrs. Johnston and her mispronouncing her words all the time.” – Haylee Lewis 

“Getting to see and spend time with my friends every day.” – Makenna West 

“I will miss band the most and the people in it.” – McKinley Davis 

“I will really miss track.” – David Hughes 

“Definitely band. It’s my happy place, my home.” – Briana Kraus 

“I think I’m going to miss some of my teachers and the staff.” – Cassie Cook 

“My boyfriend and my teachers and my principal.” – Kista Ferrell 

“All of my friends.” – Adam Pittman 

“I think I’ll miss the people that I’m graduating with and the teachers.” – Elle Stump 

“I think I will miss the teachers the most and my friends. It will be hard going from seeing them every day to not.” – Emily Peters 

“I think I will miss seeing my teachers and friends every day.” – Brionna Varner 

“The teachers I made a bond with.” – Franchesca Casto 

“One thing I’ll definitely miss is being in the band. Sure, I’ll miss making music, but I’ll definitely miss the people in it. Once you are in the band, you automatically make a family. I’ve grown closer this year with a lot of underclassmen. They have become a part of my day-to-day life. I’ll definitely miss being in the band and playing music with my family.” – Adisson Heath 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

“In five years, I see myself on track to becoming an Aubrey Plaza-esque deadpan comedian. I wholeheartedly believe I have both the charm, and the drive to do so. I was destined to be a star.” – Carnell Baxter 

“I will more than likely still be in some type of schooling.” – Jenna Waugh 

“I see myself in vet school out of state.” – Madison Hall 

“I hope to see myself working in a hospital specializing in pediatrics.” – Danielle Ressler 

“Starting medical school.” – Wyatt Burns 

“Teaching elementary kids and having fun.” – Morgan Hawkins 

“I will be on the road as a musician making millions!” – Ian McCourt 

“Florida.” – Sianna Jordan 

“Chiropractor school.” – Adan Riddle 

“A trophy wife.” – Maia Daugherty 

“In five years, I see myself working with my nursing degree with a stable, happy family.” – Brooklyn Stout 

Are you looking forward to graduating high school and why? 

“I am definitely looking forward to graduating high school. I like to think that I will thrive in a world much bigger than LCHS and achieve more than I can expect from my hometown.” – Emily Fallon 

“Yes. Although, I’m sure I’ll miss high school, I am ready for something new. College is going to be fun, and I can’t wait to see where life goes.” – Brooklyn Golden 

“Yes, because I’m tired of waking up so early.” – Natalie Dean 

“I’m excited to graduate and explore new places and opportunities on my own, knowing if I need to, I’ll always have people back here to lean on if I need them.” – Zoe Skinner 

“I’m looking forward to graduating so I can start working full time and make bank.” – Lydia Seabolt 

“I am looking forward to graduating because I’m tired of being here and eating school food.” – Trenton Bush 

“Yes, I’m looking forward to graduating to get out of here faster.” – Treyton Stout 

“Yes, because I despise this place.” – Regan Melton 

“I’m ready to graduate because I’m ready to just do my own thing for once instead of what the school tells me.” – Gunnar Shakespeare 

“Yes, because I can start making money so I can buy things I want.” – Jonathon Harris 

“Yes, because I’m tired of waking up at six every morning.” – Marin Griekspoor 

“Yes, because I’m excited to see what life brings me outside of high school.” – Jayden Horner 

“Yes, I’m looking forward to graduating because I’m excited to start my career.” – Rachael Thrain 

“Yes, I am looking forward to graduating because it’s taken forever, and I feel like it’s a big accomplishment.” – Abby Helmick 

“I am looking forward to graduating because I am excited to start the next chapter of my life.” – Sarah McKamey