This year, the LCHS Newspaper decided to factor in something new to the equation!
A few of our greatest minds got together behind the scenes and readied a track-list for the month of December as a way of highlighting the unique taste in music among LCHS’ student body.

We polled Minutemen on their most streamed songs of the 2022 school year as readily provided by their respective streaming service (Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or even YouTube Music)!

Please put your hands together for…


   Spanning from Indie-pop sensation Conan Grey, to the more nostalgic OneRepublic, here are the 25 songs we’ve readied for your streaming pleasure. Enjoy!

This project would not have been possible without our willing participants. We’d like to personally thank…
• Eden Morrison • Chris Rucker • Matthew Rohrbough • Emma Radabaugh • Rachael Thrain • Aymeric Grymonpré • Mayli Squires • Jacob Mayo • Jenna Waugh • Anna McLaughlin • Phoebe Queen • Mars Pullen • Hailey Greaver • Ryan Lamb • Emily Gum •  Morgan Hawkins • Max West • Rae Wilson • Morgan Robinson • Aubre Wilde • Mariah Burkhammer •
…for their contributions in helping all of this come to fruition.
   Much appreciated.