Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down to the End of the Year

Emily peters , Staff Editor


  • Thumbs up to getting more sleep with the arrival of summer break. 
  • Thumbs down to not seeing your friends everyday while at school.  
  • Thumbs up to having more free time to pursue hobbies, jobs, and leisurely activities.  
  • Thumbs down to not seeing your teachers until the next school year…unless you are a senior.  
  • Thumbs up to no more stressing about school work or tests for the upcoming months. 
  • Thumbs up to accomplishing amazing things through the year  
  • Thumbs down for seniors going into the real world, military, trade schools, and college. 
  • Thumbs up to the seniors for making it through four years of high school.  
  • Thumbs down for the seniors having to leave everyone and not knowing when they will see them again.