LCHS’ Art Departments Meet West Virginia Dance Company

Carnell Baxter, Staff Reporter

On October 6th, students of all Lewis County High Schools art classes reported to the auditorium for an evening of interpretative takes on theatre classic Macbeth.

WVDC did showings of their prior short films to establish an uncanny feel and further immerse attendees, before commencing with their live on-stage show with continuous twists and turns keeping performance-goers both engaged, and on their toes!

The dance company cycled through the acts of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
The show itself, referred to as “Mackr’d.
Practiced a minimalist, yet effective way of building scenes and interacting with their surroundings through dance.

All of the characters had clear, distinguishable personalities, which can be accredited to the actors’ own talents! To further add onto this impressiveness, not a word was uttered between them! Just music accompanied with wide-motions and exaggerated dance!

Schools highlighting ‘art of the odd’ like WVDC’s Mackr’d, inspires, aspiring creatives!