Least And Favorite Things About LCHS


Emily Talbert

Payton Aman

Emily Talbert, Staff reporter


Freshmen: Favorite things

1.Destiny Mayo- Friends 

2.Lizzy Oldaker- Freedom 

3.Brynn Hunt- Sports  



Sophomores: Least Favorite 

1.Dalton Yeager- Dress code 

2. Chole McCartney- Wearing masks 

3.Andrea Williams- Drama 



Juniors: Favorite Things 

1.Grant Mealey- Freedom

2.Maggie Wyatt- Friends and sports 

3.Sidney Slaughter- Spirit week 


Grant Mealey


Payton Aman
Emma Post

Seniors: Least Favorite

1.Lauren Wyatt-Waking up early

2.Payton Aman- Rude people 

3.Emma Post- Waking up early 



Lauren Wyatt