Vending Machine Removed Nov. 17

Elisabeth Wilfong

One of most students’ favorite part of the hallway has left he building.

The downstairs snack machine was removed Nov. 17, 2021. This administrative decision made it official to pack it up for good.

” I don’t mind it being taken away since, it’s been broken so long, and it’s been an excuse to get out of class” Kirsten Ammons, senior, said.

Most agree though it is missed, it had been a long time since it worked properly.

Teachers said one of the biggest complaints was that students would gather around the machine for long periods of time while missing class.

Students said their biggest complaint about it was that the machine was constantly out of order or out of snacks.

Despite these concerns, some say they like having the option to purchase a snack during the school day.

“It’d be nice to have something other than school food to eat,” Madison Sickles, senior, said.

Some also say the school will miss some of the finances the machine generated for the school.

“It was probably for the best, but instead of getting rid of it, they could have moved it to a more watched over area,” Elijah Spouse, senior, said.