LCHS’ Annual Talent Show

Music, singing and clogging were just a few of the talents highlighted in the annual talent show which took place after the March 29 parent-teacher conference in the auditorium.

Students made way to the auditorium stage and performed to an audience of parents and peers alike.

Following everybody’s respective performances, the results were as follows:


Second Runner-Up: Emma Clary

First Runner-Up: Jack Kyle

First Place: Cailin Hamilton


The show also recognized “People’s Choice” winners in Grace Freeman, Gracie Pettit and Jack Kyle.

Spectators said they were impressed with the talents demonstrated, and many took to social media with tellings of the show.

“Spent the evening being entertained by an array of talented students at the high school talent show. I was impressed not only by their gifts but by the courage they had to get up and perform,” Mrs. Karen Peters, parent, said on social media.


When given the chance to talk with Hamilton after the show, here’s what she had to say about her song choice, and the opportunity to participate in general:

“Cicada Days, the song which I performed, is quite a vulnerable song to me. It’s essentially describing what exactly it’s like to be a cicada; about being content in a safe place for so long and then leaving your shell, screaming to the world that you exist. I thought this would be a good choice for something like the talent show because being up there, alone, in front of a crowd, for me, is a very vulnerable thing. There’s no hiding, so I’m 100% there, 100% of the time until I leave the stage.”

She continues:

“In terms of how I felt going up there, I felt amazing! Usually, when I’m offered to perform in front of a crowd, or even just sing in front of a group of friends, I shy away, but tonight, it was different. I was excited to get on stage and show this song to the world, well like 50 people, but still.”

She closes with:

“I was nervous, yes, but it was the good kind.

The kind that pushes you to do amazing things.”

The show, in full, should be ready to stream within a week. This article will be updated to display that.