Senior Night For Lewis County Track Team


Issac Smith

Lewis County Seniors stand side-by-side for a picture

Mariah Burkhammer

Lewis County Track Seniors could say that time is “running” out.


With graduation growing nearer the team celebrated the seniors.


Lewis County Track Boosters showed the seniors some love on 3/29/23, at the Second Annual Tudor’s Relay Meet. Coming out onto the field, each senior got to shine and walked down the field with their parents or guardians. The seniors were each given gift bags including all sorts of goodies, and homemade cookies made by our very own Mrs. Cogar. The cookies resembled the shape of the track and field logo and had each athletes name written in icing on the cookie.


Jayna Jerden, Haylee Lewis, Bianca Jamen, Slate Swiger, David Hughes, and Adan Riddle are 2022-2023 seniors.


Lewis County Track Seniors would like to thank the track boosters for organizing this special occasion for them.


Adan Riddle and Family
Slate Swiger and Family
David Hughes and Family
Haylee Lewis and Family
Jayna Jerden and Family
Bianca Jamen and Family