LCHS Credit Recovery Helps Students Graduate On Time


Emily Peters

Mrs. Cheryl Rahming is the Credit Recovery Facilitator

The LCHS credit recovery program is in full swing during the last weeks of school.

Mrs. Cheryl Rahming is the director of the program, and she works with students to regain needed credits for graduation.

The program offers students after school tutoring if needed and in class options as well.

Credit recovery will be offered to students in the summer, but Rahming said if students plan to participate in the summer, they will have to take it as a class with structured times.

She said most students can get the credits needed and graduate on time

Currently, core classes in Grades 9-12 are available. Students can get the credits made up in time for graduation, provided students start early enough and only have to focus on one class at a time.

“I’m taking contemporary studies right now, and it’s helped me a lot to get my grade up and get my credit that I need to graduate” John Cullen, sophomore, said.

Rahming said the credit recovery program has helped a lot of students graduate. The long-time facilitator said students ususally pass with a C or higher most of the time. She added that anyone is welcome to take it. She said that if students already know they need a credit that they should go ahead and take the recovery class so they can stay on track to graduate. 

Students agree.

It’s a great opportunity for students to get caught up on everything.”

— Evelyn Shingleton

 Evelyn Shingelton, junior,  said

“I think it helps a lot. I’m taking contempt studies, biology, and tenth grade English,” Elisabeth Chyreck, sophomore, said. Chyreck said she uses extra time during the day to make contact with Mrs. Rahming if she has questions or concerns.

If students failed a class for the semester and want to make up the class, they are encouraged to contact the guidance office.  The counselors will determine what class needs to be recovered, and they will work with Rahming to set up the registration. 

“We want to make sure you are taking the right class,” Rahming said. She added that sometimes there is confusion about grades and semesters that need to be recovered.

Students or families with questions, contact the guidance office or see Rahming.