Picture This: Photography returns to LCHS after a decade


Makayla Ferguson, Staff Reporter

Just to be able to capture a moment before it’s gone.”

— Leanne Pittman

As the school year progresses, more and more photography is being seen throughout the school. From a one-of-a-kind selfie photo booth to photographs being displayed in hallways or classrooms, LCHS artists are learning the basics of photography in its return to LCHS after a ten-year absence.

Photographers are under the direction of Mrs. Carla Griekspoor, art teacher.  Griekspoor said though she has experience in photography, this will be the first time she has taught it, and it is the first time in more than a decade that it has been taught at LCHS.   

Students are excited to be capturing photos and learning about the photography process. Two students’ favorite part of photography is being able to take photos each day. 

 “Just to be able to capture a moment before its gone,” Leanne Pittman, junior, said. 

“The taking pictures part,” is Sophomore Shyanna Toland’s favorite aspect of photography.

Students said they enjoyed creating a student-designed photo booth which included a one-of-a-kind backdrop with pumpkins fall decorations.  

Students are learning how to use black and white film. They are also learning how to use both film cameras and digital cameras. They have worked with perspective, framing and silhouettes. 

Students said Griekspoor teaches the class blending content with application 

Griedspoor said her favorite part of teaching photography is teaching students abstract photography. She said she has also enjoyed teaching them about black and white photography.  She said black and white photography is a “dying art” because most consumers are using their phones for a camera, using filters to re-create black and white photos.

Some of the students’ art and photography was showcased at the art show during the band concert December 12.  

Griekspoor’s students are now getting ready for the art show they are focusing on finishing up their photos 

To be eligible to be in photography class, students must have Art 1 and have an A or B average in Art 1.