Minuteman Mondays: A Start to the Week


Riley Forinash and Megan Rhoades

Chants. Student Recognition. Cheers. Drones. Special Guests.  It’s just another Minuteman Monday.  

Every Monday morning LCHS students gather in the gymnasium for a school assembly to kick off the start of the week. Principal Mr. John Whiston usually presides over the 5-10minute event. 

Many students have differing opinions towards this new idea brought to us by the LCHS staff. 

Most appreciate the effort and the idea behind the school-wide assembly which recognizes student and faculty achievement. 

“Some students believe that Minuteman Mondays is a step up for our school,” Destinee Fisher, sophomore, said.

It’s nice that they try to do more for the school on Mondays because no one wants to do school on Monday”

— Destinee Fisher


Fisher said that she did find the morning assembly to be a little “annoying.”

“Minuteman Monday is a great way to start off the week, and a great motivator to reach the end of school, Seth Carpenter, junior, said. 

Others disagree. 

“Sometimes it can be funny and eventful but gives me a lot of anxiety and overall a pain in the neck,” Makenna West, freshman, said. 

“I think it is pointless and a waste of time, Preston Barnette, senior, said.

Faculty members also had different opinions. 

I think Minuteman Monday is a good idea; I think students deserve recognition for what they have done. I appreciate Mr. Whiston’s enthusiasm, Mrs. Laura Atha, business teacher, said.

“Nice surprise because I forget about it because it’s new, and I think it’s nice on a Monday morning,’’ Mrs. Rachael Boone, Spanish teacher, said. 

Some students said they like the assembly but would like to see it tweaked a little. 

Senior Austin Thomason said he would prefer the assembly on Fridays to make it more of a “pep rally.”