Attainable New Year Resolutions

     A new year means new resolutions. Many of us set the same unattainable goals every year that, in the end, remain untouched. Instead of focusing on resolutions that perhaps, are unrealistic, concentrate on easier tasks to improve life. Here are 10 ideas of where to begin: 

     1. Perform daily deeds of kindness. 

     Pay someone a compliment. Leave a pleasant note. Hold the door for the next person. Spread encouragement. Share a smile. Kindness costs nothing! 

     2. Try a new hobby.  

     2023 calls for a new amusement. Set aside a day to try painting, baking, knitting, reading, golfing, gardening, yoga, fishing, crafting, etc. The possibilities are endless!  

     3. Recycle more. 

     There are so many perks to recycling. It conserves energy, prevents pollution, and reduces waste sent to landfills. Be a part of making the planet a better place! 

     4. Go somewhere new. 

     Find a new adventure! It doesn’t have to be expensive to travel to a new destination; it could be a day trip to a close spot you haven’t yet explored.  

     5. Drink more water. 

     Bringing in nutrients, boosting your mood, and aiding your body functions, water is critical for the future of our health. Even a glass more a day will create a difference.  

     6. Volunteer. 

     Spare some time to lend a helping hand. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to build a better community and come across new faces. 

     7. Maintain a journal. 

     Reflecting on your day through writing is therapeutic. Find a comfortable place to express your thoughts and ideas. You will find tremendous improvement in your writing skills. 

     8. Keep a clean house. 

     Sanitize your belongings often and clean up any clutter. Having too much clutter causes stress and damages your health. Look it up! 

     9. Donate! Donate! Donate! 

     Big or small, every donation is important. The Salvation Army, UNICEF, and Feeding America are just a few charities always in need of more donations.  

     10. Stretch every day. 

     Try stretching for just 10 minutes a day. Stretching relaxes the joints and decreases the risk of injury.