ProStart Working on Baked Goods, Meals and Researching Foods


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ProStart Students Taste A Variety Of Cheeses In Class

ProStart students have been cooking and baking during the holiday season.

Students are working on baking cookies, preparing foods, and researching foods as they enter the holiday season.

Students baked cookies that were sold out of the Brew & Grey Coffee Shop.

They also have been preparing a variety of food items out of the kitchen lab.

Last week, the students tasted dozens of common and some uncommon cheeses as they prepare for recipes which include a variety of cheese items. As a part of this taste-testing, students were blindfolded so they would rely on the senses of taste, touch and smell.

Students said it was a lot of fun, and they learned a lot about the different kinds of cheeses.

Mrs. Hanna Cogar is the ProStart teacher who instructs all levels of ProStart as well as the foods program which includes Baking and Pastries/Brew & Grey Coffee shop.