LCHS Store to Return This Spring


Max West

Mrs. Turners sign

Makenna West, Staff reporter

Everyone likes a good comeback story, and for LCHS students, the school store is making a comeback.

Seniors may remember the school store from their freshman year, but the store has been closed since the middle of the 2018-2019 school year.

Plans are currently underway for the school store to reopen by March. The store will be open before school begins and during advisory. The store will offer water, juice, soda, snacks, school supplies and an array of other items.

Mrs. Christy Turner, business and finance teacher, will supervise the project.

Turner said that she hopes to get the store back up and operating for her simulated work environment. The store will operate similarly to that of The Brew and Grey, being a fully-functional business inside the school. The only difference is that the store will not be open during class–only in the morning and during the lunch and advisory time period Turner said.

Turner said she would like to get the store back up and running by spring and hopes that it will not only be a good experience for her business class, but also good for the students of Lewis County High School. 

She hopes to sponsor a contest for the name and logo for the new store. The contents will be formally announced in January. Students may design a logo and come up with a clever, unused name for the store. Winners will be credited to the design and also will win a pizza lunch for them and a friend in Turner’s room.

Until further notice, the store will operate in room 2013, Turner’s classroom, as there are no available spots for the store to be in, but she stated that she hopes she can get a full classroom to operate the store out of eventually.