Theater Variety Show Takes Stage Nov. 4


Doug Seckman

The full cast all together for a group photo.

Brynlea Hinzman, Makenna West, Staff Reporters

The first theater performance of the school year is set to open with a “Variety Show” of plays Nov. 4 in the LCHS auditorium at 7 pm. The show is free for anyone wanting to come out and support the actors. 

The show starts with Letters Home by Cinda Jamison, which is about a group of females who work in a factory during World War II and read their letters to each other. The cast includes Brooke Williams as Virginia, Zoe Skinner as Patricia, Chloe McCartney as Elizabeth, Brynlea Hinzman as Marie, Jade Michaletz as Ellen, Jordyn Aman as Lois, Rachel Thrain as Lilly, McKenna West as Phyllis, Ian McCourt as Soldier 1 and Alexei Ables as Soldier 2.

Following Letters Home, is The Proposal by Anton Chekhov. The cast includes Ian McCourt as Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov, Asa Krinov as Ivan Vassilivitch Lomov and Brooke Williams as Natalya Stepanova. 

The final play is The Bear by Anton Chekhov, which is about a widow who has a complicated encounter with a man from her deceased husband’s past. The cast includes Fallyn Jennings as Popova, Emily Fallon as Luka, Asa Krinov as Smirnov, Cadence Haggerty as Gardener and Lucas Turner as Cook.

The Letters Home cast was asked to perform at the Masonic Temple for the Smithsonian Crossroads. They will perform on November 9 and 11 at 7 PM and November 13 at 5 PM. 

The theater class is under the direction of Mr. Doug Seckman.


“I like the fact that Elizabeth seems to have a healthy relationship and they have a happy ending,” Chloe McCartney, sophomore, said. (Brynlea Hinzman)



“Through theater I have made a lot of good memories and met amazing people,” Cadence Haggerty, freshman, said. (Brynlea Hinzman)



“It’s been a great experience watching young actors grow,” Mr. Doug Seckman, theatre teacher, said. (Brynlea Hinzman)



“It was so fun. I think (Mr. Seckman) is such a charm to work with, “ Ian McCourt, junior, said. (Brynlea Hinzman)


The full cast all together for a group photo. (Doug Seckman)