Time Clocks Installed; Staff Opinion Split

Is there a better time for time clocks?


Courtesy of Joe Derico

The new Kronos Time Clocks were installed at LCHS recently.

Joe Derico

TicToc.  For LCHS staff members this social media name takes on a different meaning as staff members await the requirement for all employees to sign in and out using a time clock.

Maintenance installed the KRONOS time clock machine the week of January 19-22. Staff members will be required to use one of the two machines that are installed in the front office and the back entrance near the Pierpont entrance.

LCBOE employees will “clock in” when they arrive and “clock out” when they depart.

The Lewis County Board of Education passed an agenda item before Christmas that requires staff, professional and service personnel to use time clocks daily.  Each public school in Lewis County will be using the time clock system.

The time clock issue is a contentious one among staff members and administrators.

Some staff members said they were ok with the addition of the time clocks, while others were not in favor of the purchase.

Senior Administration Officials said they believe using time clocks will streamline the payroll process, reduce the manpower needed to process weekly time sheets and improve staff accountability.

Currently, each staff member completes a time sheet for each week.  Each sheet must be signed and verified for each employee.  Using the time clock will replace the paperwork.

Staff members who were ok with the installation of the clocks said they were timely in their work and weren’t worried about clocking in and out.

Others agree, but they believe the timing of the installation is not conducive to hybrid learning, social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions.

And, some believe that teachers should not be required to use the time clocks because they are salaried professional employees who do not receive an hourly wage. Most employees work beyond the school day with grading assignments, supervising students and planning lessons.

Teachers said that they graded papers, completed school work and supervised school events off-campus and clocking in and out was not practical.

Staff members said they were also concerned with the cost of the system.

The system cost $80,000 to purchase, and cost an additional $30,000 to install, bringing the total to $110,000.

Most counties in WV do not use a county-wide time clock for all employees; however, in recent years, states like North Carolina have required time clock use from their teachers, with apparent success.