‘Maids Softball Team Grabs Third Place in Sectionals

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February 16, 2023

Sophomore, Ashley Crook, swings away..

     The LCHS softball team began Sectionals facing the Roane County Raiders. They suffered a loss with the Raiders coming back in the 7th inning to secure the win.

     After beating Braxton and Clay Counties, they headed to number one seed, Herbert Hoover’s, field to face the Raiders again in the semi-finals. They fell short losing 1-9. Players said they played great defense but couldn’t create any runs during offense. 

     Going into Sectionals, they were on a six-game winning streak after beating Robert C. Byrd High School to become Big 10 Champions of the silver bracket. The game was a close one with the Eagles tying the game up 4-4 in the top of the 7th inning. However, this didn’t stop senior, Adisson Heath. Heath stepped up to the plate with two outs and hit a walk off homerun to secure the ‘Maids the victory. 

     “Going into the last inning, I knew that our batters would score one way or another. We had Courtney Hartley and Courtney Boggs up who lead the team in batting averages. So, I knew if we could get a couple hits in, we would be in scoring position. When the first two batters got out, I was a little worried. But, when I came up to bat, I knew that if I couldn’t hit that our defense would keep RCB from scoring another inning,” Heath said following the game.

    Heath leads the team in home runs with 10.

     The ‘Maids also won against Clay Batelle, Nicholas, Grafton and Braxton. 

     On April 18, the ‘Maids traveled to Shinnston and faced a difficult loss of 13-0 against Lincoln. They faced Phillip Barbour at home the day prior. They won 14-6 against the Colts who were ranked second in the Big 10 Conference. Junior Mackenzie Gregory, started off on the mound that game for her pitching debut. She managed to throw Phillip Barbour’s offense off balance and help the Maids’ win.

     “I was nervous to start out, but once I saw that my defense was able to make plays behind me, I gained some confidence. It led us to the win,” Gregory said. 

     Gregory also stepped up to the plate offensively. She the led the team with the number of triples hit and is second in both batting average and on-base percentage. 

     The ‘Maids traveled to Roane County April 8 for an intense sectional matchup. They headed into the 7th inning with a tied game. The ‘Maids were able to secure two outs with hopes of going into extra innings, however, the Raiders hit a 3-run homerun to end the game with a score of 8-5.  

     “We knew going into the game that it was going to be difficult. When Courtney Hartley hit a double to secure us three runs and put us ahead by one point in the third inning, we all became really pumped up. This continued throughout the game, but Roane County was battling just as hard. It was a close game and could’ve gone either way, but I’m proud of my teammates for keeping their heads in the game and working hard against one of the better pitchers we see all season,” Brooklyn Golden, senior, said. 

     They also won against East Fairmont, Elkins, Braxton, Preston, and Liberty High Schools. 

     “When we face big competitors, I love how our team stays together. We are like one big family. I think the support we give each other really drives us toward wins,” Addisyn Posey, freshman, said. 

     Earlier in the season the ‘Maids struggled with Robert C. Byrd, Grafton and Bridgeport losing hard-fought games.  

     “We make mistakes, but we always bounce back. The amount of support we give to each other helps us move forward and play games well in the future. This team is such a great group of girls. We treat each other like family,” April Sherrard, freshman, said. 

     Sherrard’s speed greatly impacts the team. She leads the team in stolen bases with a total of 8. 

     The ‘Maids ended their season 16-8 with an overall successful season.

They are coached by Head Coach John Boggs and Assistant Coach Amanda Hartley.