2022 Senior Superlatives

Emily Lybarger, Assistant Editor

2022 Senior Superlatives:

Class Clown: Luke Riley & Karleigh Miller

Most Contagious Laugh: Austin Bowman & Kenzie Gibson

Worst Driver: Jack Paugh & Kailee Posey

Most Likely To Succeed: Cameron Ross & Claire Lattea

Most Musical: Grahm Lambert & Adriann Cottrell

Worst Person To Go To A Movie With: Riley Conrad & Payton Aman

Biggest Bub: Justice Heater & Hannah Watson

Friendliest: Corben Lambert & Kristen Determan

Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Jonah Clem & Hannah McHenry

Prettiest Eyes: Devon Perrine & Becca Gum

Prettiest Smile: Brock Mitchell & Jaelyn Romans

Worst Case of Senioritis: Colton Conner & Kelsey Horner

Most School Spirit: Brandon Posey & Lauren Wyatt

Teacher’s Pet: Brandon Queen & Kyra Cook

Best Dressed: Colton Turner & Rylea Freeman

Laziest: Ryan Dean & Sadie Rinker

Most Artistic: Logan Lawson & Mary Turner

Born In The Wrong Decade: Anthony Abrego & Audrey Burchett

Life Of The (After) Party: Caleb Halterman & Madisyn Montgomery

Most Opinionated: Noah Hamrick & Madison Sickles

Most Likely To Be Late To Graduation: Christian Mullins & Abby Hartley

Biggest Bro Mance: Austin Riley & Dameon Wolfe

Biggest Besties: Sydney Aman & Jalen Sprouse

Most Unforgettable: Kyle Ferrell & Emma Post

Cutest Couple: Hayden Helmick & Malena Brown

Most Athletic: Ethan Smith & Brooke Butcher

Most Likely To Marry For Money: Garrett Bailey & Kristen Greathouse

Most Likely To Win An Oscar: Izaiah Bowen & Kenzie Snow

Most Involved: Dylan Dever & Kirsten Ammons

Biggest Mom And Dad: Trinity Detamore & Eli Sprouse