Brew & Grey

Cassie Cook, Staff reporter

“Could I have a hot tea, please? 

This is not an order at Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts or even the local McDonald’s.  It is an order placed at LCHS’s simulated workplace, The Brew & Grey Coffee Shop.   

The Brew & Grey is one of the only coffee shop-style simulated workplaces in the state and possibly the country. 

It’s based out of Mrs. Hanna Cogar’s classroom which has been remodeled to look like an express coffee shop with a counter, cash register and more. 

The shop is operated entirely by students who serve as baristas, store managers and cashiers. The staff is under the direction Cogar, but students take leadership from the shop’s staff.

And students said, the idea which started more than three years ago, has turned into a “huge success.” 

Running the coffee shop includes taking orders, making drinks, delivering orders, cleaning up, ordering and stocking supplies and product. 

Most students said they enjoy working in the shop, but that sometimes it gets stressful. 

“It’s a good experience, Emilie Butcher, freshman, said. 

Students love their coffee. 

“I think it’s really great,Franchesca Casto, freshman, said.

Because of the popularity of the products, students miss it when the shop is closed for training, scheduling or out of product. 

“I think it’s great, but when they run out of milk, it makes me mad,”’ Madisyn Montgomery, sophomore, said. 

The Brew and Grey sells both hot and cold beverages throughout the day. They accept cash and credit/debit cards. 

Like specialty coffee shops, their prices are higher than the average cup of coffee because they are selling a gourmet-style coffee. 

(The prices) are too high. We are high schoolers, and some of us don’t have jobs,” Elleonna Stump, freshman, said. 

Some students like the “perk” of being an “employee.” 

“I get discounts on coffee,” Jonah Clem, sophomore, said. 

Each nine weeks students change jobs to get a different work-site experience.  

Students may visit the coffee shop with teacher permission. To limit classroom interruptions, students may choose to have the drink delivered or to wait in the coffee shop for it to be finished. The Brew & Grey also takes phone orders and provides free delivery for students who cannot leave class. 

I think the students enjoy it. It gives me a chance to teach customer service, and it gives the students a good experience

— Hanna Cogar

,Cogar concluded.