Writers Spotlight


Emily Peters

Emily Lybarger:

  • Emily is a junior, and her birthday is June 11.                  
  • Emily’s favorite color is purple and her favorite animal is a llama 
  • Emily joined the school newspaper because she loves to write stories. 
  • Her favorite movie is King Richard, and her favorite book is Loud Thoughts  
  • She has one brother.
  • Emily’s hero is Serena Williams. 
  • If Emily could go anywhere to travel, she would go to South Africa.
  • Emily’s fear is snakes  
  • Shes motivated by Beth Nichols 
  • When she is older, she wants to be a 3rd grade teacher.
  • Her nickname is Em 
  • Her favorite sport is tennis, and her favorite food is strawberries 
  • Emily has many hobbies such as painting, golfing, tennis and gymnastics 
  • If Emily had a superpower, it would be to fly.  
  • If she could travel to any year, it would be the 1970s.  
  • One word to describe Emily is “charismatic”. 
  • Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and her favorite subject is Rec sports. 
  • Her favorite fast-food restaurant is Subway,
  • In 5 years, she hopes to have started her career.  
  • Her biggest pet peeve is excuses.