Writer’s Spotlight


Brooklyn Golden, Staff Reporter

Today we are getting to know Ashley Montgomery.

  • Ashley is a 12th grader at LCHS and her birthday is November 6.
  • Her nicknames given to her by family and friends include Ash, Speed, Crash, and Jimmy Jr.
  • Her favorite color is blue and her favorite animal is a German Sheppard.
  • If she could travel anywhere she would go to Colorado.
  • Her favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.
  • Ashley loves her family and would spend the whole day with them if she could.
  • Her current favorite TV shows include Emily in Paris and The Vampire Diaries.
  • Ashley wants to be a Nurse after finishing highschool.
  • Her favorite season is fall and she enjoys the sport baseball.
  • Ashley joined newspaper because she enjoys writing.
  • Her favorite food is Cheesy Puffs and her favorite drink is caramel coffee.
  • Ashley’s hero would have to be her aunt.
  • Her favorite book is Beautiful Creatures and her favorite genre is Thriller.
  • If her friends could use one word to describe her it would be “crazy”.
  • When Ashley has some down-time, she enjoys writing and playing with her dog.
  • If she could choose any superpower she would choose mind-reading.
  • Her favorite school subject is health and math.
  • Her biggest fear is spiders and snakes.
  • In five years, Ashley hopes to have become a nurse.