Increase in Technology Affects the Classroom


Brooklyn Golden, Staff Reporter

     Due to Covid-19, students have had to become more dependent on technology to stay safe and healthy. It has become the main tool for education, work, doctor’s appointments and more.

     As of last year, LCHS has transitioned into online work. This makes the internet and computers essential for safe learning. Students received 1:1 ChromeBooks which teachers now utilize daily. 

     Most can agree that some aspects of education, whether it be learning, teaching, or even student behavior, has changed. 

Teachers and students said they are embracing the change to using more technology in the classroom.

     “I’m more for technology,” Mrs. Mary Hogan, math teacher, said.

     “I love technology,” Ms. Samantha Rogers, science teacher, said. 

     Technology can also provide a new aspect of learning which, previously, had not been fully used. 

     “With technology, you can check your grades more frequently and stay on top of missing work,” Jozlynn Lake, freshman, said.

Teachers agree that technology can be a helpful tool as well.

     “I’m able to maximize my time by automatic grading,” Rogers said.

     “We don’t have to take as much time grading things with the computers these days, Hogan said.

     It is also a great resource for students when no one is present to help them or in the case of obtaining make up work.

     “There’s an endless supply of resources for kids to find if they need help,” Rogers said. 

Many teachers said using computers as a resource has made interaction more difficult.

     “I’m not as interactive. There is less one-on-one with the students like there used to be,” Hogan said.

     “I would say I’m less interactive than I used to be. Student engagement is also down from previous years before the pandemic,” Rogers said. 

     However, some prefer to not rely on the internet as heavily. 

     “I prefer to learn mostly on paper and without technology,” Molly Duncan, junior said. 

     Technology also has many challenges and difficulties. 

     “Sometimes I have trouble understanding as well because I don’t have someone explaining it,” Ginny Linger, sophomore, said. 

     “I am often troubled by blocked websites that I used to use, restricted videos, no restriction on my computer but restriction on the student’s Chromebooks, and the internet going down,” Rogers said. 

     Although there are occasional internet or technology malfunctions, the technology professionals in the building are doing their best to ensure that everyone has the appropriate access to learn efficiently. 

It is evident that technology is our future and one of the most useful tools for technology. Although there are some issues, everyone can agree that technology is essential for reaching the full potential with education.

     “I prefer somethings online and somethings I would rather do them on paper,” Linger said.