Opinion: Life Skills Class Needed

Elisabeth Wilfong

Students today go through school learning specific content skills, but why can’t they learn about things which will directly impact their future?

When students graduate, life hits them like a brick wall: bills, taxes, insurance, banking, loans, credit cards, resume, insurance, vehicle payments, student loans, and employment.

You may know the math, the history, the science, and the English but, shouldn’t you know the “real life stuff” to get what you need?

Although many teachers address these skills within their individual classes, we think a life skills class would be a great addition to our school.

Schools should have a financial class their junior and senior years to teach them how to really prepare and learn how to get these goals. Most graduates these years don’t even know how a checkbook works.

With unemployment and student debt being top concerns for our country, we believe our students could be better prepared to face these obstacles with the addition of a life skills class.

With the addition of a life skills class, students could get a jumpstart on their future. They would be armed with important information and skills they can put to immediate use.

The class they need should teach how to get everything you need like opening a bank account, writing a resume for a job, obtaining health insurance, applying for a credit card or loan, establishing credit, practicing for a job interview or even a opening Roth IRA

Life won’t just have one answer in a problem; it’ll have many or even hundreds of answers.  You may feel by yourself now, but life’s going to get a whole lot easier and less stressful once you know some basic skills for your future life.

Life skills need to be taught now more than ever.