Thumbs Up and Down


Brooklyn Golden, Staff Reporter

  • Thumbs up to having everyone back and under the same building after our Christmas break. Although some are quarantined, it’s good to see familiar faces back at LCHS. 
  • Thumbs up to eating lunch in the cafeteria and gym again. It’s good to be outside the classroom and to enjoy a small part of the day with friends. 
  • Thumbs down to the removal of vending machines. The vending machines allowed students the option of purchasing snacks. It was nice to be able to grab a snack if you desired it. Their removal eliminates that option. 
  • Thumbs up to student council’s winter door decorating contest. It’s nice to have something fun to participate in during the long lead up to Christmas break. 
  • Thumbs down to the constant shutdown of the different bathrooms. It can result in students being out of class for longer due to the longer trip to an available bathroom. It can also crowd the bathrooms which results in more wait-time. And…
  • Thumbs Up to our custodians who are working working hard to correct the problem with our restrooms. We appreciate their efforts.
  • Thumbs up to the Winter concert featuring the choir, concert band, and percussion ensemble. It’s a great chance to show the community and school the hard work that has been put into the music department thus far. 
  • Thumbs up to Channel 3 for putting together a school Christmas video. It provoked Christmas cheer that has spread throughout the entire school. 
  • Thumbs up to the basketball teams and the wrestling team for making an excellent start to their seasons. 
  • Thumbs up to the new morning routine. It allows students to socialize with friends before first period. 
  • Thumbs up to all the wonderful Christmas lights and holiday decorations. They brighten up the hallways, making the building feel more welcoming.