Tips for Shopping Locally and Making Hand-Made Gifts


Emily Lybarger, Reporter

With the gift-giving season nearing, holiday shopping begins to create chaos throughout many stores especially with the well publicized supply shortage.

Most have found ourselves last minute shopping in crowded stores. It can be easy to be drawn into big box department stores such as JCPenney’s, Marshall’s, Macy’s, Big Lots, Target, etc.

The ads, discounts and signs can be enough to end up in one of these stores.

However, this holiday season, find yourself at a local family owned business, a craft show, or making a personalized homemade present for loved ones.

Shopping locally–be it on Main Street, one of the shopping plazas, or even the Farmer’s Market–is a great way to help local businesses while getting unique gifts for all on your shopping list.

Locally, Lewis has jewelers, artisans, clothing vendors, entertainment providers, and a variety of restaurants.

After COVID-19 struck local businesses, many went through debt and some were forced to close. If shopping for gifts is traditional for you, try shopping locally in family-owned businesses. Lewis County is home to many multi-generation businesses.

A visit and purchase could help revive small businesses.

Visiting craft shows is another shopping experience that is worth trying. Craft shows display numerous works of arts that could make great gifts. Stop by and support vendors around the area, and ask if they project their works online. Many local crafters have social media accounts and websites.

Making homemade gifts is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is another great idea to consider. Painting, watercoloring, knitting, sewing, carving, etc., are just a few ideas to try. Making a homemade gift for a loved one is very appreciable.

Here are a few videos that can help you get started if you’re looking to tackle a homemade project:

  • Step by step hand knitting a blanket:
  • Canvas painting a mountain scene for beginners:
  • Step by step watercoloring: