Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Netflix Movie or Series?

Q&A: Whats Your Favorite Netflix Movie or Series?

Emily Peters and Brooklyn Golden


Aleigha Snyder – After 

Lucas Turner – Japan Sinks 2020 

Sydney Skinner – The Conjuring


Julia Fay- The Walking Dead


Gaige Startcher – ZNation 

Faith Heater – Outerbanks 

Miles Harman – Stranger Things

Hailey Greaver – BoJack Horseman 


Niki Benson – On My Block 

Raeanna Grogg – Criminal Minds 

Michaelyn Pumphrey – 13 Reasons Why 

Emmalee Cottrell – All American 


Eli Sprouse – Riverdale 

Jalen Sprouse – Outerbanks 

Payton Aman – On My Block 

Sydney Aman – Shameless 

Faculty and Staff:

Ms. Allison Sharp – Squid Game

Mrs. Brooke Shaffer – One Tree Hill

Mrs. Christy Turner – Claus

Msgt. Bill Linger – The Chosen