Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Part of Thanksgiving Break?


Kennedy Willison and Roslyn Skinner


Maggie Jordan- “Eating.”

Mason Davis- “Fall; it’s perfect for skateboarding.”

Fallyn Jennings- “That I can do things with friends and not worry about school the next day.”

Byron Brady- “The food.”

Maggie Jordan
Mason Davis
Fallyn Jennings
Byron Brady


Trevor Blake- “Not being at school.”

Bo Probst- “The food.”

Austin Burkhammer- “Hunting.”

Brooklyn Hefner- “The food.”

Trevor Blake
Bo Probst
Austin Burkhammer
Brooklyn Hefner


Mallory Avington- “Cooking with my mom and brothers.”

Allen Radcliff- “Getting out of school and eating.”

Jenna Waugh- “Not having school and having delicious food.”

Tucker Starkey- “No school.”

Mallory Avington
Allen Radcliff
Jenna Waugh
Tucker Starkey


Noah Hamrick- “Going to Orlando for our annual trip.”

Destinee Fisher- “Getting to sleep in.”

Riley Conrad- “The pecan pie and deer season.”

Claire Lattea- “The dinner rolls.”

Noah Hamrick
Destinee Fisher
Riley Conrad
Claire Lattea



Mrs. Carla Griekspoor- “Sleeping.”

Ms. Allison Sharp- “Getting to spend quality time with my own children.”

Coach Scott Walker- “Getting together with family.”

Mrs. Hanna Cogar- “Spending time with my family.”


Mrs. Griekspoor
Ms. Sharp
Coach Walker
Mrs. Cogar