ViewBoards Installed in Classrooms


Technicians installed 18 ViewBoards throughout LCHS October 7-8.

Emily Lybarger, Assistant Editor

Christmas came in October for 18 LCHS teachers who received ViewBoards to support instruction and enrichment activities in the classroom.

Nearly $30,350 was spent on the state-of-the-art ViewBoards. According to Mr. Jeff Tidd, Technology Administrator, each board cost $1,686 for the board and setup, and it was purchased through ESSERF funds.

The boards were purchased countywide. The 18 newest ViewBoards were installed in LCHS classrooms Oct. 7-8.

According to Technical Integration Specialist (TIS) Mrs. Sarah Darnall, every LCHS classroom is now equipped with a  ViewBoard.

Teachers said they were excited to get the new piece of technology in their classrooms.

I just got the board, and I already really like it. I don’t know much about it yet, but I’m excited to learn about it and use it”

— Mrs. Christana Lybarger, health teacher

The ViewBoards provide a new interactive way for students to learn and offer both teachers and students curriculum enrichment. Both students and teachers can use the touch-screen features for instruction, notes, equations and highlighting important ideas.

The board directly connects with a teacher laptop to allow the teacher to project computer screens, stream videos, display notes and slides.


Students said they enjoy the drawing feature which allows teachers to draw images, underline and highlight information.

Darnall said the ViewBoards are better quality smart boards and are easier for sharing information for students.

The high tech boards resemble a large flat-screen television and are sleeker and have a slim design.

“The goal is to promise a new ViewBoard for every classroom in the county,” Darnall said.

“I like the board. It’s like a giant TV,” Mrs. Rachael Boone, math teacher, said.

The first ViewBoards were distributed to the science and math classrooms last year.

Several teachers have been using the boards with their students and were a good resource for 18 new teachers receiving the equipment.

“My students immediately started helping me. They were a great resource on my first few days of using the ViewBoard,” Mrs. Lesley White, English teacher, said.

High school teachers were trained on the boards in a professional development session at the beginning of the school year.

“Overall I love the board. My favorite feature is the ability to save the notes that I write,” Ms. Sam Rogers, science teacher, concluded.