Students Manage Stress


Emilie Lough, Staff Reporter

     As the school year begins, so does the usual wave of anxiety that normally accompanies a new year. Alongside anxiety, comes stress. You may be one of the lucky ones that breeze through school, but for many, it is just tough. Whether it be homework, algebra class, sports, a job or clubs, it can be difficult to manage things. 

     Anxiety is far more common than most students realized. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), 31.9 percent of teens have some type of anxiety disorder. The NIH also said nearly one in three of all teens; ages 13 to 18, will experience anxiety. 

     ¨You just gotta take care of yourself. You can´t take home the stress or negativity from this place. I talk to my friends, vent a lot. I try to stay away from the news. I do watch local news but not worldwide things,” Ms. Sara Sellers, science teacher, said.

 “I manage my mental health by reading a lot, and venting to Emilie,” Jada Heater, sophomore, said.

 ¨Listening to music I like,¨ Jayna Jerden, junior, said.

   “Normally I go on walks and  take some time for myself, and then I try to surround myself with my pals, then put a smile right there,¨ Max West, junior, said. 

     The University of Michigan Health Service, suggests the following tips to stay mentally healthy.

  • Re-balance yourself
  • Value yourself
  • Make time for your favorite activities
  • Practice your hobbies
  • Avoid self criticism
  • Surround yourself with good people who bring positive and good energy
  • Quiet your mind by using meditation or even prayer can help