Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Part About Homecoming?


Kennedy Willison and Roslyn Skinner


Liliana Cuevas- “Dress shopping for the dance.”   

Sawyer Swiger- “The football game.” 

Checotah Posey- “Getting to wear a fancy dress.” 

Tyler Lewis- “Dressing up for spirit week.” 

Liliana Cuevas
Sawyer Swiger
Checotah Posey
Tyler Lewis



Luke Boram- “Spirit week.” 

Hailey Greaver- “Dressing up.” 

David Hairfield- “The grooves.” 

Bri Stout- “Spirit week.” 

Luke Boram
Hailey Greaver
David Hairfield
Bri Stout



Katrina Bragg- “The memories that come with it.” 

Frankie Butcher- “Hanging with the homies.” 

Abby Helmick- “Just having fun and being with my friends.”

Tom Derico- “The football game.” 

Katrina Bragg
Frankie Butcher
Abby Helmick
Tom Derico


Eli Sprouse- “The dance, it makes everyone happy.” 

Destiny Jenkins- “Playing in the band during halftime at the homecoming game.” 

Jonah Clem- “Dressing up.” 

Audrey Burchett- “Everybody’s spirit.” 

Eli Sprouse
Destiny Jenkins
Jonah Clem
Audrey Burchett


Faculty & Staff: 

Mr. Charlie Kirkpatrick- “That John Cullen is actually going to have an opportunity to catch the football and make it into the end zone.” 

Mrs. Brooke Shaffer- “The parade.” 

Mr. Matt Herrald- “Spirit week.” 

Mrs. Sarah Lough- “I enjoy how much spirit the kids get.” 

Mr. Charlie Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Brooke Shaffer
Mr. Matt Herrald
Mrs. Sarah Lough