Commons Area Get Renovations

Emily Lybarger, Assistant Editor

     Many school improvements happened during the summer. 

     Renovations taking place included minor changes like painting and lighting, with major renovations taking place in the auditorium, cafeteria and bathrooms. 

     “It’s very exciting to see the new improved updates for the auditorium and bathrooms. It was something that was needed, and I’m happy to see it done,” Mrs. Sarah Linger, said. 

     The most visibly noticeable change was the addition of blue tiling going down the middle of the cafeteria/sophomore locker hallway. This provides a new design in the school and can be used for separation, but it also gives the long hallway a “pop” of color.  

     “I think it looks pretty nice and colorful,” Luke Boram, sophomore, said. 

      In the gym, recognize the new “Wall of Champions” area which features banners for all state title holders.  This shows (number) different state titles in which those LCHS athletes worked hard to receive.  

      “The auditorium and the bathrooms seem much better now and makes our school look more presentable,” Madison Hall, junior, said. 

       In the auditorium, new seats, a new floor, new curtains and new sound wall-boards have been inserted

     New flooring was also installed in the downstairs bathrooms.  The bathroom stall walls have been cleaned, and both the girls’ and boys’ restrooms were painted.


Makayla Ferguson