2021 Football Kicks Off Their Season

Kennedy Willison, Staff Reporter

Sam Santilli

     The 2021 edition of the LCHS football team kicked off its season with a 1-3 record.  

     “We are young; we make a lot of mistakes, but we are making a lot of fixable mistakes,” Mr. Dustin Cogar, head coach and assistant principal, said. 

     The team stands with one win against Elkins and losses against Roane, Braxton and Fairmont Senior.  

     After a week of quarantine, the Minutemen traveled to Roane County September 20 to take on the Raiders. The game was delayed three days due to positive Covid-19 cases and quarantining going through Friday.  This left the team without practice time for several days.

    “We’ve been quarantined a lot which has hurt us because half the team hasn’t been able to practice with us,” Austin Riley, a senior captain, said.  

     The Minutemen lost 0-55 to the Raiders.  

     The LC squad netted its first win at home against the Elkins Tigers 22-8 Sept. 10. The team had two touchdowns in the second quarter to give the Minutemen a lead going into halftime.  

     “Scoring more points than the other team is always a good thing, but I don’t think we are anywhere near the product that we can be proud of,” Cogar said. He added, “The defensive player of the game was Jonah Clem.” 

      The Minutemen had their second game on Friday, September 3, against the Braxton County Eagles. They were up in the first half by eight, but the Eagles came back with 16 points in the third quarter.  

      Braxton came out with a 38-22 win. 

     “Our team looks rough, but we’ll be alright,” Riley said. Riley added that he believes with “hard work and dedication” the team will get some key conference wins down the stretch. 

     The Minutemen were slated to kick off its season August 27, but the game was rescheduled for August 30 due to Covid-19. The LCHS Minutemen played the state-ranked Fairmont Senior Polar Bears, who they have not beaten in seven years. The score was 47-22 in Fairmont Senior’s favor. 

     In addition to Riley, the 2021 captains are: Junior Zach Woody, Junior Ethan Leavitt and Sophomore Drew Cayton.  

The team is scheduled to take on the Lincoln Cougars October 1 for our homecoming game.

Sam Santilli