Masks Required Through October 1; Many Debate New Requirement

To mask or not to mask that is the question


Brooklyn Golden

Kirsten Ammons, Madison Sickles and Kolby White

Brooklyn Golden, Staff Reporter

     As the school year approached, students and teachers alike hoped that there would be a return to a mostly normal school year. But with rising Covid-19 cases caused from the Delta variant, the LCBOE voted the night before the first day of school that students, faculty and staff would be required to wear masks to school.      

     Masks have been a slightly controversial topic at LCHS. Some believe it’s good that they are required to wear masks, while others do not want masks to be required.  

     “I’m personally glad we are required to wear masks again, and students should be too. Now we only have to show half of our face. I also don’t believe in the argument that you can’t breathe while wearing a mask. Surgeons always wear masks during surgery, but they don’t pass out from (a lack of) oxygen,” Mr. John Whiston, principal, said. 

     “Although masks are unneeded for people who are vaccinated and are sometimes inconvenient, they are necessary to stop the spread of Covid-19 throughout our school,” Madison Kerns, sophomore, said. 

     Others believe that masks aren’t needed or that they aren’t helpful. 

     “I don’t think that we should be required to wear masks because scientists have said that masks don’t protect you from microscopic particles, meaning the virus could go through your mask,” Mrs. Barbara Spaur, special education teacher, said. 

     “My mom, who is in the top three for West Virginia healthcare, has done research on why masks aren’t helpful. I believe that since the death rate is low for children our age, and that, scientifically speaking, masks aren’t effective we shouldn’t wear masks,” Gavin Hawkins, junior, said. 

     This 19-month-pandemic changed many aspects of students’ lives, including school. But, according to some, this mask mandate will eventually have an end. 

     “I can see a future without masks, although I am not sure about it happening this school year. During the last pandemic, in 1919, everyone said to take off masks. When everyone did so, it resulted in even more people getting sick,”  Whiston said. 

     Most can agree, though, they are eager to see a day when masks are no longer needed and Covid-19 is a part of a history book.