The Brew & Grey Comes Out of Quarantine


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The Brew & Grey is open to students and staff. Call 1035 to place your order.

Students, Editors

After a more than a one-year absence, The Brew & Grey coffee shop, will be open for business starting the fourth nine weeks.

“I’m excited to finally get it back,” Kylee Good, senior, said.

Faculty adviser, Mrs. Hanna Cogar, said the students are currently being trained on quality control of the product as well as COVID-19 guidelines.

Once students are trained and the supplies arrive, they will open operating on a limited menu for the first few weeks.

Cogar said they will not have lemonades, i

ced tea, or drip brews, but otherwise, most of their drink offerings will be the same as in year’s past.

Students said they were very excited to see the return of this popular student-led business.

“I’m excited. It should have been opened earlier,” Emma Cayton, senior, said.

Students in the class said they enjoyed being trained and were eager to open the coffee shop.

“I work there, and I love it and the way we set everything. It helps with contact tracing everyone so I think it’s safe to open back up,” Peyton Gillespie, senior, said.

The coffee shop will be open

They will accept cash or credit cards.

Student workers said hope students and faculty will patronize the shop and enjoy beverages.