Q and A: Best and Worst of 2020-2021

Emily Peters , Section Editor

With a global pandemic in full swing, students have found ups and downs with the “new” normal.  Losing friendships and not seeing friends on a regular basis were a popular choice for the negative side while some learned the value of friendships.  Here are some of the highlights from students.

Ivanna Waggy, 10th grade: The best thing that’s happened to me is I learned not to care about what others care about. I’ve been focusing on myself, and I’ve been happier                                                                                                         The worst thing is that my neighbor’s dog jumped on our porch and broke my cat’s leg.

Megan Rhoades 11th grade: The best thing is having people stick by me; the worst thing is COVID-19.  

Dakota Kelley 10th grade: The best thing is my game system. The worst thing is losing my friends.

Brandon Posey 11th grade: The best thing is still being friends with people that are virtual. The worst thing is COVID-19 

Emily Smith 9th grade: The best thing is meeting new people. The worst thing is losing great bonds with people. 

Emmalee Cottrell 10th grade:  The best thing is I switched to virtual and can focus on my mental health more. The worst thing is I’ve drifted (from) some of my friends.