Fall Candids


Peters, Ferguson, Lybarger, Derico, Staff Reporters

PE students have fun in the gym. (Courtesy of Collicola)


Cheerleaders mask up in preparation for the Dec. 12 WV State Cheerleading Tournament. (Courtesy Catie Nichols)
Students returned to four-day a week instruction last month. (Courtesy of Collicola)
Students use the gym for one last day before the new bleachers are installed.
The season’s first snow fall hit the county November 30 through December 2. (Makayla Ferguson)
Say goodbye to our pull-out bleachers. Motorized bleachers will be installed later this month. (Emily Peters)
Art students decorated the cafeteria with their most recent projects (Makayla Ferguson)
Students remain socially distant during school hours. (Makayla Ferguson)