Is It Safe?



Students remain socially distant during school hours.


With the return of a 4-day week for both LCHS and RLBMS beginning Nov 16there are somsafety and scheduling concernsWe should not go back 4 days until the second semester for many reasons 

Of course, students learn best in school and most learn better being in-person, but there is no way students can meet the CDC recommended social distancing of six-feet in both the classrooms and hallways.  

We need to be at school and that we learn better that way, but there is no way that you can socially distance that many kids in both classrooms and hallways. 

With the added number of students in attendance, cleaning the desks between classes will take twice the time. Most teachers clean the entire class change time period.  

How will teachers have enough time to clean when there is only three minutes between each class? 

And, if teachers are cleaning inside their classrooms, they cannot watch the hallways. 
What happens if something happens in the hallway and no one is there? 

What about lunch? There will kids coming back and with not having a mask on while you eat in that small of a place how is that safe for anyone?  

Some teachers have 20 or more students in their classroom. Is it safe to have that many not socially distanced even when you have a mask?   

With the infection rate rising, we should wait this out and stick with the way that we are going until things start healing. 

With the holidays are right around the corner and students visiting their family, it would be nice to stick with two days–maybe things would be decent enough for us to visit our elder family members.  

These are valid concerns we have and hope if our positive number continue to increase, officials will re-examine the re-entry plan and return to the two-day a week model.