Technology Tips: Information to help with virutal learning


Staff reporters

Schoology: When using Schoology links in classroom assignments, students will see rectangle with a frown face/snap face.  To bypass this screen, simply move your cursor up the screen to the blue letters and/or the square with the arrow coming out of the top right corner.  Click on the blue letters or the square, and it will bypass and take you to the correct screen.

FlipGrid: Students should go to and have a CODE to start the process. Enter the code, select the RED Microsoft box to login with your account.  Click on respond/response.  At this point, students can now start filming.  Press on the camera button to start/stop.  If the student is satified with the recording, click on next.  If the student wants to delete and do it again, click on re-do.  If you want to resume, choose that option.  Click on next.  Take a selfie.  Accept/Next or Re-do. Next. Confirm. Complete.

KamiApp: LCBOE recently purchased the licensing for the program. If students login with the (Google Account), the account should automatically shift from trial to licensed. If students used another email address for a login, students will have to re-create the account using the account as the licensed tied to the domain.

ChromeBook Shortcuts: Don’t forget to review the shortcuts for using the new ChromeBooks.

  • Ctrl + Shift Window (on the top row-above the 6). The mouse cursor will turn into a crosshair for dragging to the desired area.
  • Ctrl + Switch window will capture the whole screen.
  • Students should store work in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive on their Chromebooks. This is cloud storage and is accessible from any device, or if the student device gets damaged or signed out, they will not lose their work
  • How to allow Flash Player on the Chromebook.
    • Go to the site you wish to use with Flash.
    • Click on the Lock icon to the left of the URL
    • Click on Site Settings
    • Scroll down to Flash
    • Change Block to Allow
    • Back out and re-enter site (reload)

YouTube: If students or teachers are using YouTube videos, Mr. Jeff Tidd advises to login using the ChromeBook information login ( Students not logged in with this account may not be able to access the video.