Social Media takes on COVID-19

Makalya Ferguson, Staff Reporter

Many social media apps have become increasingly popular for students, parents, and teachers as people across the world scramble to find an alternative to face-to-face, in-person interaction.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down virutually all forms of in-person interaction.  In WV, schools shut down at the close of school March 13 and will not re-open until at least May. All sports, club activities and school events are also cancelled or postponed.

Thus, students are searching for a way to communicate, and many have taken to social media to interact distantly.

Go-top social media giants Instagram and SnapChat remain ever popular in spreading uplifting messages and keeping students connected. Instagram influencers have posted messages on how to stay safe during these bad times. Students said it’s good to see the people who are sending happy messages to make people feel some certainty in these uncertain times.

Students said they stay connected with each other by communicating through social media.

While newcomer Tik-Tok remains probably the most popular with students, it is gaining grown by bridging the age gap with adults joining in the video-creation fun to give kids and even adults the opportunity to make videos, dances, and parodies.  On Tik-Tok, kids are doing Coronavirus dances and even doing videos about this pandemic.

Students have taken to re-visit YouTube and even older social media forums of Twitter and the dinosaur, Facebook.

YouTube there are many different song parodies and funny videos. Good-spirited people are making videos reinforcing the message that we are all in this together.

With Easter just around the corner, many local churches are livestreaming services using Facebook live.  This has brought students back to using their old FB accounts. Teachers are also sending out messages, even singing to students in an effort to make students feel connected to each other and the school community.

These posts are trying to uplift people and make them smile in these uncertain times.