A Note From Mr. Whiston…


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Mr. Whiston makes preparations.

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When this thing started we all thought we were protected by oceans. When it made it to the US, we thought we were protected by hills. What I’ve been thinking about is that we truly ALL in this together. Not just at LCHS or LC or WV or the US. We are ALL in this together on planet Earth. We need to be cognizant of this. Something on the other side of the world does affect us. Why? Because those folks on the other side of the world are human beings and suffering for others is not ok, just as it is not ok for our friends and neighbors nearby to suffer. We all need to look out for each other. Doing so now means we have to stay apart. Please follow the Governor’s guidelines. Don’t gather. Resist going to see your friends.

I’ve received messages from students and teachers that they miss each other. They both want to come back to school. Isn’t that something? I guess absence can make the heart grow fonder. It makes me smile, and think that we do have a special kind of place. As a kid I heard my grandmother say, “If things get bad, get to the farm.” She lived through two world wars, the Great Depression…………….so she knew about things getting bad. That said, I think we couldn’t be in a better place to as she would’ve said, “hunker down.” I’m glad I listened to her and got here as soon as I could.

During this time apart we all need to be flexible and patient. I may be an old dog, but I’m learning new tricks. Today I attended a meeting with three teachers and a parent over the computer, while standing in my kitchen. It worked, but not the same as meeting for real. I have received requests for instruction packets from students without good internet access. It’s going to take a little longer for those students to get work. Please be flexible and patient. This new normal won’t last forever, and we’ll get back to school, in the traditional sense. Until then, know that your school and all those that call it home are missing each other. Take solace in that. LCHS is a special place.

If something is needed from outside your home, just send one person, as stated by the governor. When that person gets home make sure they wash their hands. Be safe, spread out, stay home, love one another.

Mr. John Whiston