Makayla’s Coronavirus Tips & Tricks for Being Stuck at Home


Makalya Ferguson, Staff Reporter

As we already know being stuck at home with your siblings and parents can sometimes be a struggle and with being put on “lockdown” at your home is the worst. You can’t just leave to get away for awhile, there is nowhere to go during the Coronavirus lockdown time. To keep yourself away from them for awhile, maybe try some of these tips.

  • One good way to exclude yourself is to just be alone in your room or basement anywhere they are not for a day. Just to be alone even for a day will calm your frustration you might have with that person.
  • The next way is go get fresh air. Going outside is the very best way to just enjoy yourself and its good to just be alone out there. Go for a walk, run, hike or bike ride.  In WV, the Department of Natural Resources lifted fishing license requirements and is permitting fishing to WV residents.
  • All national parks are all open and will be during this time so its just good to be outdoors and do something.  Just be sure to keep six feet away from people at all times. Locally, the Stonewall Jackson State Park remains open for walking, running and outdoor activities, but all facilities–like the restaurants and pool– are closed.
  • Another good way to get away for a while is sleeping. Even though sleeping all day isn’t the best for you each day, taking naps and going to bed early or sleeping in, might help you get a new perspective.  Getting rest is always a good way to just relax and pass time.
  • You can also listen to music, read, write or work a puzzle by yourself.  Using your mind is a great way to mentally exercise and re-charge.
  • There are many individual activities available free online.  Try your hand at a free yoga, art, cooking, sewing, music, or acting class.
  • Do an outdoor chore that takes just one person…mow grass, rake leaves, paint a fence, sweep the sidewalk.
  • Organize something–a closet, drawer, garage, car.  Putting chaos into order helps you gain control of something, though it might be small. And, in most cases, you can do this easily by yourself.
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum, zoo, or city landmark.  You would be surprised what getting away virtually can do to refuel your mind.
  • The final tip is to just don’t communicate with anyone. Take an hour or two for a “time-out”.  You can go through the house do your own thing just ignore everyone if you can’t take the fighting and people getting on your nerves. Try to get in “your own zone” for a while.

Remember that taking some time to re-charge is great, but don’t isolate yourself too much from those you are sheltering with because in these uncertain times, we do need each other.