Headstrong: Club Members Offer Hope


Gracie Pettit, Staff Reporter

When you’re down, do you stay there? Do you give up when nothing is going correctly? Through the hard times, do you let whatever happens happen?  

     These could be questions and thoughts that enter a person’s head sometimes. However, for a cancer warrior, the answer is a hard NO. 

      Thanks to Lance Armstrong, a former cycler and a cancer survivor, those questions might not have to be asked. 

      After developing a life threatening metastatic testicular cancer, Armstrong decided to recover and raise awareness for his cancer and others, by starting the Headstrong Foundation which helps millions across the world. 

     The Headstrong Foundation is Armstrong’s movement to provide hope, support and financial help to those diagnosed with cancer.  He started a grassroots movement encouraging others to do the same. 

     And, at the end of last school year, Headstrong came to LCHS. 

     Junior Ethan Haught was inspired by Armstrong and his foundation and worked to plant the seed for a new club at LCHS. 

     Presently, Headstrong has about 40 members who meet twice a month. 

Mrs. Mary Hogan, math teacher,  and Mrs. Melissa Walsh, special education teacher, lead the club. 

     “It’s something I want to get the community into,” Haught said. 

     He said he wanted to generate cancer awareness and decided that the best route to do this would be through bringing Headstrong to LCHS. 

     The first part was to get approval for a new club and to find sponsors. The club was established by the first club selection day, and the rest has been history. 

     The club is looking into getting a t-shirt company as another sponsor for the club.

     “Cancer touches everyone in different way,” Haught said. He hopes to help both locally and nationally with cancer awareness and said having a club at LCHS is a great first step. 

     “It would be a huge step to gain them college wise,” Haught said. 

      “I’m all for it, and I hope it grows and spreads awareness,” Mrs. Debbie Gump, history teacher, said. 

     Haught said the strong affect cancer has on communities can be widespread and so can love. He said he hopes to counteract the negative aspects of cancer by promoting the good.