TikTok Craze in Full Swing at LCHS

TikTok Craze in Full Swing at LCHS

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Elisabeth Wilfong, Staff Reporter


LCHS has had a pretty exciting TikTok battles between various students who have posted videos.

The latest students to gain fame are Dylan Gay, Taylor Beam, Kiara Darquenne, Will Hunt, Cassie Weber, Hunter Heath and Jonah Clem. 

Heath netted the most views with a video which included his sister. The most recent video to get notoriety is Gay’s re-posting of a fictional love triangle. Cassie Weber’s video was about shoes; she has since deleted it.

Jonah Clem was the first to exceed 70,000 views ranked highest with 6,000 likes and 73,000 views.  When Clem started his account, he did not expect it to be as annoyingly addicting as it is. 

Clem’s video feature featured him as a baseball catcher. 

Clem is not alone. 

TikTok has been around since September 2016, but it has just become popular in the past year, reaching as many as 500 million subscribers. Tiktok increased in popularity after its parent company Byte Dance purchased Musical.ly. It is the third most downloaded app and has seen 70 percent growth in subscribers in the last year. Teens and young adults (16-24 years old) are 41 percent of the site’s subscribers. 

Mason Atha says that TikTok is like Vine, but with fewer Boomers. 

TikTok is a free app which can be downloaded from iTunes. Subscribers post short videos which can include stunts, skits, music/lip syncs or “pretty much anything they want” to post.

Like most social media accounts, subscribers can “like” videos; however, popularity is primarily based on “views”.