Q & A with a Lewis County Veteran


Riley Forinash

The Blue & Grey newspaper asked (ret.) Staff Sgt. Bill Forinash some questions about his military life and living as a veteran.  Forinash is a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in active duty combat in Vietnam.   

Riley Forinash: What does your military service mean to you? 

Bill Forinash: “I defended my rights, the rights of the United States, and everyone who lives in it.” 

Riley Forinash: How did the military affect your life? 

Bill Forinash: “I learned to trust others, and you work as a team. And, watch each other’s back. You learn to get by with what you have.” 

Riley Forinash: What did you learn from the military? 

Bill Forinash: “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it–no matter the circumstances.” 

Riley Forinash: Were you deployed while in the military? 

Bill Forinash: “I was deployed to Vietnam.” 

Riley Forinash: How was your deployment experience? 

Bill Forinash: “I got to see land that I will never ever see again, got to see how other countries lived compared to the US.” 

then asked Bill Forinash to describe what a Veteran is to him. 

Bill Forinash: He described them as “Unselfish” “Dedicated” “Loyal” and a “Friend” 

Riley Forinash: What is your rank and years of service? 

Bill Forinash: Staff Sergeant National Guard / Sergeant Active Duty US Army 

April 1968 – March 1970- Active Duty 

March 1976 – March 1984 – National Guard