Editorial: Students want repeal of cell phone policy


We want our phones! Please. Pretty, pretty please.”

For the first time in school history, LCHS students are not permitted to carry our phones to any of the academic areas. Students are permitted to use their phones before and after school and during lunch.

Students miss their phones, of course, for the socializing and connection to their friends and family. In case of emergency, students believe having their phones would be beneficial.  This way, they can connect with family if something happens at school.

For example, when we under the Code Blue, we were not able to tell our families what was happening. Many adults were worried about their kids. Rumors also circulated on social media because the facts were not known. Families were concerned about the safety of their kids.

Students said if they had their phones, information could have been shared.

However, faculty members said they worry that the wrong information would have been shared, causing even more chaos, stress and panic.

On an academic level, we miss using phones during class for various reasons including research, taking pictures of notes and vocabulary and setting due date reminders for tests and assignments.

Some classes benefit from timers, calculators, apps and higher speed internet. We also save work online.

Teachers said they are concerned with the distraction and lack of control that having phones in the class allows. They said apps, like PhotoMath, encourage cheating, and yet, another reason why phones are not permitted.

Students said they also like listening to music, and that it calms them and helps them focus; thus, making them a better student.

It seems unreal that in the 21stcentury we are discouraging the use of technology that could be accessed through a phone.

The bottom line?

We would like to have our phones with us like last year.  We understand not being able to use them during class, but we would like to have them on our person, so that in the event of an emergency or an academic purpose, we can utilize our phones.

We know many teachers disagree, but we would love to be given the chance to demonstrate that we are young adults capable of handling this.