Graduation Cap Policy Stands

Graduation Cap Policy Stands

Lindsay Wiant

As the class of 2020 prepares to walk across the stage May 17, there has been a debate on whether the students will be allowed to decorate their graduation caps or not.

The senior class members attempted to get the administration on board with a policy change which would allow students to decorate their graduation caps.

At the present time, there has been no policy change.

“Grads would have the chance to showcase individual talents and promote their creative sides,” Delaney Gump, senior, said.

A petition was even circulated amongst class members, hoping to convince administration to reverse the policy. However, the students decided against showing it to the administration.

Administrators said they are not going to change the policy.

Mr. John Whiston, principal, said there are several issues with allowing students to decorate their caps.

“Several years ago, I had a grandparent meet with me after the graduation ceremony and said no school does it classier than LCHS. Places treat it like a carnival and our school treats it as a solemn ceremony. There are few classy ceremonies in life: graduation, weddings and funerals. I would like to see graduation stay that way and not seen as a big party,” Whiston said.

“I believe decorating caps would give students the opportunity to express their individuality. However, I respect the tradition of uniformity for the ceremony itself,” Kaelye Crook, senior, said.

Other concerns registered, for example, are students decorating inappropriately or messing up and needing to order a new cap just days before graduation.

However, the senior class has voiced their own opinions.

“I think we should be able to because it gives us character, it dignifies us.” Mariah Tenney, senior, concluded.