Constitution Week: A Huge Success


Lindsay Wian

History teacher Mr. Hunter McWhorter dressed as Uncle Sam for the Constitution Week Minuteman Monday September 24.

Students and teachers alike said the History Department-sponsored Constitution Week was a huge success.

The event kicked off Minuteman Monday (September 16) and featured patriotic music, prizes, and a trivia contest in front of the school.

Several local government and civic leaders attended the event including: Cindy Rowan, Agnes Queen, Rod Wyman, Randy Bohan, Beth Burkhart, Theresa Cogar Turner, Adam Gissy and John Breen attended Minuteman Monday celebration.

Mr. Curtis Crabtree and Mr. Hunter McWhorter dressed as Uncle Sam and handed out prizes to random students.

Mr. Debbie Gump, Ms. Terry McAbee and Mr. Joanna Barnette helped with the assembly, prepared trivia questions and spoke about the importance of the Constitution and formation of United States of America.

Special Education teachers working in the field of history also helped with the event.

Throughout the week, teachers offered a daily trivia question and incorporated lessons pertaining to the Constitution.