AFJROTC Off to A Successful Flight


Riley Forinash


In any given class period, more than a dozen AFJROTC cadets will stand at attention when this command is issued by an AFJROTC class leader This is just one of the many expectations of members of the LCHS Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC). 

This freshly accredited program has been a staple in the LCHS curriculum for 25 years. 

The unit is instructed by retired Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Dennison, and retired Master Sergeant Aubrey Linger. The WV-941 JROTC squadron is commanded by Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Ian Forinash and many other officers within the unit. 

The unit earned accreditation last year following an extensive inspection last winter.  The inspection included: drill, organization, classroom setting, curriculum, participation, leadership, and responsibility.  Officials from the U.S. Airforce interviewed cadets and instructors. 

“We passed the inspection and met standards in every category,” Forinash said.  He also noted that the LCHS Squadron was removed from probation for low enrollment numbers. 

“Our numbers are good, but we are always looking for new cadets,” Forinash said. 

Cadets enrolled in the class participate in academic, community and military service.  Most said they enjoy the class. 

AFJROTC leaders said they are highly involved with the school and community, often volunteering to support many events for both.  

Each year, cadets spearhead the Veterans Day program for Lewis County and the community canned food drive.  

AFJROTC has cadets that participate in Color Guard Teams.  This is a sub-group of the JROTC which presents the colors at many sporting and extracurricular events.  

AFJROTC has no commitment to the US Military, but it is funded by the government to provide uniforms, and such. If a cadet does go on to join the military, it can be at an advanced rank which means a promotion and an improved pay grade. 

The AFJROTC in the previous school year every Monday and Friday would both raise and lower the flag. They hope to keep this going this year the squadron commander states. 

“I like it because it is very patriotic, Elizabeth Paugh, second year cadet, said 

“I am really enjoying JROTC so far,” Drew Evans, first year cadet, said.  He added that he wanted more information about the military and “to get a general idea of what the military is like” 

All LCHS students in grades 9-12 are eligible to join.  Each year new cadets join including new cadets who come from the middle school and join LCHS as freshmen. 

“Freshmen are focused, working hard, and eager and ready to learn,” MSgt. Linger said. 

I think JROTC is a good way to communicate with others, Paugh added.  

If you wish to become a part of your AFJROTC unit, speak to your counselor about making the change today.